What we do for our Suppliers

We assist in introducing you to the key players in the building industry... We target and infiltrate the main decision makers, including Architects, Asset Owners, Consulting Engineers, Developers, Facilities Managers, Government Departments and Municipalities, Interior Designers, Quantity Surveyors, and main Contractors.

We build rapport with building professionals that serves to your advantage... Building professionals see us as frequently as six to twelve times per year, as they trust us to provide them with a complete bouquet of non-competitive products and solutions. We also offer complimentary information on industry trends, new product launches, conferences, CPD presentations and seminars, as well as the support they need to obtain samples and technical data.

We provide you with an opportunity to be first in line for business prospects... Due to longstanding relationships, we are aware of projects from conceptual or early planning stage, which increases our clients' chances for getting the business. You have immediate access to all of the current project data once you become an active client.

We get to know your business as well as you do and work according to your vision and strategy... It is a priority for us to get expertise comprehensive training on all your products and services and to also do joint meetings with you and your team to gain further experience and knowledge on your products.

We maximise your marketing spend by functioning optimally... We have internal marketing assistants who make appointments for marketing consultants stationed in the various geographical areas to ensure that you get maximum time on the road to generate potential "specific project leads" for your company.


We make a concerted effort to update our database consistently... It is part of our marketers' weekly targets to do a number of calls to new professionals to ensure that we continuously grow our database with new professionals and gain additional leads which in turn increases your reach and exposure.

We are pro-active... We use an advanced CRM system that is updated daily to track progress and take corrective action where needed, almost immediately.

We put you in control... Our CRM system is web-based and interactive to allow multiple users from your company to log on. Representatives from your team can view lead information live, update it or request more data or follow-up assistance from us when needed. Management can retrieve project information or statistics and monitor marketing activity per area, nationally or internationally.

We keep you in the loop... We provide weekly and quarterly feedback reports and we schedule frequent status meetings to discuss progress and customise our action plan to suit your latest needs.

We give you added exposure... In addition, our clients are featured on our website, where various building professionals are able to search for a specific product or services by area.


Why Specifying Dynamics

We have been around the block... Our company was founded in 1996 and we've proudly remained the market leader with a staff compliment, in all four countries, of over 80 servicing a database of over 25 000 professionals.

We create opportunities.... By tracking and prequalifying business leads for our clients we make sure they are at the forefront of the top projects in the building industry.

We offer you exclusivity... It is our sound company policy, to never have competing products or services in our catalogue of products, per branch. We therefore only work for one supplier of a certain type of product per region at any one time.

We can take you places... We have a national and international infrastructure with established branches as follows: eight in South Africa, with a Head Office in Johannesburg, an office in Gaborone, Botswana, an office in Windhoek, Namibia.

We provide objective information... Of what the industry feedback and response is to your product range. We also give our clients a weekly report with up to date project information, client specific feedback and competitor activity.

We are in it for the long haul... We are committed to develop long-term relationships with our clients. Many of our clients have been utilizing our service for up to thirteen years. This is firm testimony that we provide a quality service.


Interactive Portal

As part of our client services, we maintain an exclusive and comprehensive database. This database is accessed though our online Portal. The content of the database is updated on a daily basis, ensuring currency, accuracy and relevance of all data at all times.

Our portal is accessible through most modern web browsers on a wide range of devices, including, but not limited to, desktop PCs, Macs, tablet devices such as the Apple iPad, Android based devices and Unix/Linux based systems.

The user interface is simple by design, inducing a gentle learning curve, allowing users to swiftly adapt and start utilising the invaluable information available.

Our portal is exclusive to our clients and hands-on training is provided to all clients when they join or whenever they need assistance. Client organisations receive as many user accounts as they require, and each user is entitled to relevant training.

In addition to viewing the content, clients have access to pages from which they could provide direct feedback to marketers, contact professionals, generate and email themselves reports, save notes for future use, and more.


Professionals and Projects

The portal lists hundreds of professionals and associated projects, in each region we serve. Professional company name, professional type, address, contact persons, email addresses, phone numbers and associated project details are some of the information you could lookup. You could use each of these fields to search for professionals from an intuitive search page. For instance, you could narrow down your search to display architects located in Bankstown. Similarly, project searches could be narrowed down to as specific as the address of the project site.

Google map intergration allows you to locate professionals and projects on the go, from within the portal.



We strongly believe in accountability, thus we have included a section within the portal where clients are able to view statistical data presented in tabular and graphical layout. The data presented on this page is exclusive information displaying field sets such as the number of leads produced, types of leads produced, number of meetings conducted and more. Note that all this information is exclusive, pertaing to the client, and is by no means generic information relevant to all clients.


The reporting section of the database is updated, on a daily basis, with leads, project details, feedback and other relevant information gathered through meeting with professionals, regarding the products we market for each of our clients. All this information is transformed into cleanly formatted Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, personalised for each of our clients as leads and weekly reports.

All our clients receive these personalised leads reports continuously throughout each week. Clients could receive a number of unique leads reports each week. In addition to leads reports, a weekly report, is generated and sent to each client on a weekly basis. This report consists of all personalised leads, comments and feedback on each meeting of the week, generated separately for each client.


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